Chekku Gingelly Oil (500 ml)

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Sesame is one of the oldest oilseeds in cultivation. The oil extracted from it – gingelly oil – is one of the staples of the southern region of India. Our Gingelly oil is mixed with natural palm jaggery which give this oil its distinct sweet aroma and flavor is said to be one of the healthiest seed oils and can easily replace most of the oils that are used in daily cooking. Apart from Cooking, Gingelly oil is also used for Wellness and in Ayurvedic application. Oil Massage is a great stress reliever, reduces body heat & gives very soothing effect.

  • INGREDIENTS – Finest quality sesame seeds mixed with palm jaggery.
  • BENEFITS – Omega-3 PUFA & rich in natural antioxidants.
  • FLAVOUR PALATE – Nutty taste & a hint of sweetness due to the palm jaggery added.
  • RECOMMENDED USES – Staple in the South Indian dishes, its slightly sweet